Praise for Doug’s coaching:

“The process has been a tremendous help in gathering my thoughts and outlining clear goals. I’ve also enjoyed Doug’s guidance to help me realize that I can accomplish what I set out to do” T.C., Regional Vice President

“Really enjoyed working with Doug. He had a good handle on my challenges, and was able to adapt his coaching to my personality. He discussed a variety of strategies (not just one), and allowed me to select the one that fit my personality best.” A.G., Regional Sales Manager

Praise for Sustainable Growth Operating System workshops:

“Staff should have gone through this earlier. Once experienced, we would have had stronger positive comments for advisors. Excellent job and content.” M.A., Sales Support Manager

“Thanks for the sessions. I think because of you my tax season went better than past, and we were able to stay in the present with servicing our financial clients through these challenging times” Y.O., Tax and Investment Advisor

“Lots to digest. My brain is so full. Incredibly optimistic and hopeful.” J.B., Financial Advisor

“Overall – excellent program!” L.N., Financial Advisor

“I love the group atmosphere – peer input is invaluable.” R.C., Entrepreneur

“The program has been invaluable to me on many levels.” M.A., Insurance Agent

“Excellent!” S.M, Financial Advisor

“Doug – the program is awesome. Everything is worthwhile. Everything could use more time but I guess that’s what practice is about.” K.D., Tax Preparer

Praise for “Grown on Purpose: The Nine Disciplines of Sustainable Growth”:

“I finished “Grow on Purpose” and loved it — what a wonderful blend of poems, koans, military wisdom and Zen strategies… it feels like you could pick it up, flip to any page and get your perfect daily lesson!” Deborah Roth

“The style of this book is deceptively simple. It is written with exactly the economy of language, strength of purpose and sense of discipline that I have come to expect from Doug Autenrieth, Tai Chi Master and masterful Executive Coach. Each of the nine disciplines of sustainable growth are presented with a brief description, followed by a few pages of exposition that reads like haiku, ending with discovery questions. Although I’ve read the book from cover to cover, I prefer to open it to random for an inspiration for daily meditation. It’s a good book to keep handy and to go back to often and a great gift to support clients in their change process.” Susan R. Meyer

“This is a book of well crafted and thought provoking questions designed to guide the reader through his/her own process. It’s divided into nine ‘disciplines’ to think about and experiment with. They don’t need to be read in order to be effective, each stands alone as an area of consideration. In addition to the questions, the book is filled with insightful observations, both from the author and from others he quotes. I’ve found myself returning to sections to re-read and re-consider – certainly the mark of a well written book! Truly, if personal and/or professional improvement is one of your goals, this book belongs in your library.”  Phyllis Campagna

“I first got to know Doug Autenrieth from afar at a series of coaching conferences… always composed, skillful with his words, intentional with his actions, grounded. At this year’s conference, we serendipitously had a short conversation regarding leadership, martial arts and purposeful growth — Doug truly walks his talk. ”Grow on Purpose,” is a book of questions and provides a clearing in which we all can strive to be the best we can be to those who we can be of most service. Don’t be deceived by the short chapters for they point to much more encompassing concepts that we all must, in the end, experience for ourselves in our own unique ways. The sprinkling of military terms lightly seasons the book with a hint of Doug’s decades of experience as a US Marine, balanced with the holistic growth concepts of a World Cup Tai Chi Chuan champion. I highly recommend this book for those who have an intention to grow on purp ose.” Jerry Campagna, Co-Author of “Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew”