Grow on Purpose: The Nine Disciplines of Sustainable Growth

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In Grow on Purpose, business advisor, martial arts champion, and executive coach Doug Autenrieth provides a powerful framework for helping you grow over the long-term without running yourself into the ground. The secret? The Nine Disciplines of Sustainable Growth: Living, Learning, Planning, Practicing, Restoring, Attracting, Loving, Creating, and Centering. No matter the field or the industry—whether in an area of work or personal life—growth is required to create the outcomes you desire. The eighty-four thought-provoking passages in this book will take you on a journey of discovery and discernment. In work, in love, in life—you decide. Choose great teachers and listen. Have a bias for action. Make the shift from consumer to creator. These are but a few of the book’s principles to play with. Whether you decide to read the book from cover to cover or to turn to the discipline that most pertains to you at a given moment, Grow on Purpose will meet you where you are. With its timeless approach, it’s an essential guide that won’t just help you grow, it will also grow with you.

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